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When the time comes for children to leave the closest embrace of the family and enter a larger social circle, that of the nursery, some children appear ready for this new step while others need more help.

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The adaptation of our little friends to any new environment is sometimes a difficult task. However, with a lot of patience and strategic thought we can make it easier for them to integrate smoothly into their new team and happily accept this new start in life.

This separation for some is a matter of choice and for others an imperative need. Both children and parents experience separation in a different way.
What you need to do is to trust us and follow the steps we suggest and believe that everything will be fine.

  • Start preparing your children in advance. Feel free to contact us in order to visit the nursery so that you and your child can have an insight when you talk to them.

  • In order to build the child's sense of security, the adjustment is made little by little depending on the child's mood. At first you are with him in the room but try not to be in a steady position so as not to create the illusion that you will always be there. Let the teacher become familiar with him so that he can trust her and feel like home with her in order to fulfill his/her needs when you are away. Our goal is to progressively increase the time spent at the Kindergarten, conquering the space you need according to your needs.

  • Feel free to ask as many questions as you need until you feel confident. Even when you are apart with him/her in the first few days, it will be a pleasure to contact us as often as you wish. Our goal is to make you feel confident and safe.

  • It is very important to show confidence in the staff. This sets a good example to the child who understands that his/her mother feels safe when she leaves him/her at the Kindergarten, and therefore he/she can feel the same. Moreover the staff of Kindergarten is trained to do this job and they are fully- experienced.

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