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Είσοδος παιδικού σταθμού το κάστρο της ειρήνης Τήνος

The kindergarten of 

Pre-school education centre

Προαύλιο Βρεφονηπιακού σταθμού το κάστρο της ειρήνης

Welcome to our Kindergarten!

The Kindergarten of "Eirini" is a modern pre-school education centre that meets all the standards.

It has progressive programmes and modern teaching methods for a comprehensive pre-school education. Moreover, in a safe and encouraging emotional environment, our goal is every child to love and participate in learning, to realize his/her abilities and be developed in a holistic and creative way.

Registration in the kindergarten is done throughout the year if there is availability of seats.
For more information and appointments you can call us at 2283025563 & 6977607232 or email us at

αυλή με παιδική χαρά βρεφονηπιακού σταθμού της ειρήνης Τήνος
εσωτερικός χώρος το κάστρο της ειρήνης Τήνος

Our Philosophy

The Kindergarten of "Eirini", which is primarily a place of education, training and safe accommodation for pre-school children, aims at the all-round development of the children  that accommodates, respecting their personality, emotions, needs, rhythm and interests.

In particular:

  • It encourages cooperation and social interaction among children in order to promote their psychosocial and cognitive development.

  • It makes children feel proud of their cultural and linguistic environment and their identity.

  • We all know children's curiosity and enthusiasm for the world around them, that’s why we encourage them to ask questions and make assumptions, explore, connect information and solve problems.

  • Game and arts are in the centre of the learning process and strengthen the children's creativity and imagination through a variety of activities.

  • It draws on a variety of teaching approaches, recognizing that individuals learn in different ways.

  • It organizes visits to combine children's classroom learning with activities in the local and wider community.

  • It systematically observes and records the needs, interests and learning progress of the children.


In 2022, the Kindergarten acquired a new 415 CDI Mercedes school bus. The bus meets all requirements for safety and comfort transportation of children with CE approved floor and child seats and has a capacity of 25 children +2.

όχημα  βρεφονηπιακού σταθμού το κάστρο της ειρήνης Τήνος
εσωτερικός χώρος το κάστρο της ειρήνης Τήνος

The suitable kindergarten for your children

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