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παιδική χαρά του βρεφονηπιακού σταθμού το κάστρο της ειρήνης

The Kindergarten of "Eirini " has an infant and children's section. Serves children from 8 months to 4 years old. Registration in the kindergarten is done throughout the year if there is availability of seats. For more information and appointments call us at 2283025563 & 6977607232 or email us at

For registration you need on :

  1. An application completed by the parent or guardian to the institution

  2. Birth certificate of a Municipality or Community (recent last quarter) for the registration of the child in the relevant registers or population registers, which states the date of birth fully and numerically

  3. Certificate of Marital Status (last trimester).

  4. Photocopy of the vaccination pages from the child's health booklet.

  5. A certificate from the pediatrician that child can attend the kindergarten.

To complete the registration are required:

  1. An advance payment (tuition fees for the month of September), which is not refundable in case of cancellation of the child's attendance by the parent.

  2. Individual Health Card (completed by the child's pediatrician)

  3. Solemn declaration for the receipt of the child by third person

  4. Consent on photo usage

  5. Statement  of medical emergency 

  6.  Statement on feeding the child

What children should have with them

όχημα του βρεφονηπιακού σταθμού το κάστρο της ειρήνης

We kindly ask you to bring us a change   when your child arrives at the nursery, which will remain in the nursery and must be replaced every time it will be returned to you. We consider it necessary to write the child's name on all labels of their clothes. For younger children, disposable diapers are needed.
It is forbidden for children to bring toys and jewelry from their home to the nursery. It is also forbidden to chew gum and candy on the school bus and kindergarten for their safety.
We consider it necessary to regularly monitor your children's hair for any appearance of lice.

To avoid delays in the school bus timetable, please the children be at the predetermined point at the exact time. In case of absence or delay for any reason, please inform us in time on 6977607232, or kindergarten phone 22830 25563


Image by Vitalii Pavlyshynets

In the kindergarten of "Irene" a snack and lunch are provided to all children. A significant part of their energy and nutrient needs are covered in the childcare hours.


The nutrition program is prepared by the Pediatrician of the Station in collaboration with the Dietitian-Nutritionist of the Station and in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the National Dietary Recommendations as defined in the National Dietary Guide for infants, children and adolescents.

We provide daily fresh organic fruits and seasonal vegetables. The lunch menu includes at least 1 time/week fish, 1 time/week legumes, 1 time/week stewed vegetables, 1 time/week chicken and 1 time/week red meat. Lunch includes 1 serving of vegetable daily.

We encourage healthy eating, enjoying meals and activities together with children.


είσοδος του βρεφονηπιακού σταθμού το κάστρο της ειρήνης

The kindergarten of "Irene" also accommodates KDAP "The Castle of Irene" during the afternoon hours. Opening hours are 16.00 to 20.00 and children accommodated are aged 5 to 12 years.

KDAP is a modern educational structure. Our goal is to provide our children with the opportunity to make use of their free time, working creatively in a variety of activities with the supervision and guidance of specialized staff in a specially designed environment.

Registrations to the KDAP are made throughout the year as long as there is availability of seats.

For more information and appointments call us at 2283025563 &6977607232 or email us at

The following activities are carried out at the KDAP:

  • Music

  • Creative Writing

  • Art

  • Theatrical play

  • Constructions

  • Team Games

  • Physical education

The courses are taught by experienced teachers of specialties.

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